On the Beat with Franck Savoy & Family

Franck Savoy creates masterful culinary experiences at Shutters on the Beach and Hotel Casa del Mar.

Franck Savoy and son

Text by Lindsey Kesel

Franck Savoy is leaving a mark on the California food scene with his flair for the creative and a perpetual willingness to experiment. As Corporate Director of Food and Beverage for ETC Hotels, he embraces working with all his senses while leading his culinary teams in creating ocean-inspired flavor profiles for the restaurants at Shutters on the Beach and Hotel Casa del Mar.

The son of renowned French chef Guy Savoy, who is famous for exacting perfectionist detail on the plate at his Michelin star restaurants in Paris and Las Vegas, Franck measures success by the happiness of the people who come in seeking an elevated culinary experience.

“It is very easy to attract a guest for the first time, but very difficult to make him come back,” he says.

Wowing diners with dishes like Chef David Almany’s saffron linguine with sea urchin—served at 1 Pico—means staying on top of new techniques and ingredients and sparking new trends. Franck listens to his skilled staff and patrons, pays attention to what’s hot in food when he travels, and keeps a finger on the pulse of social media. But for Franck, “if you use great ingredients and you respect the products, it can only be good.”

We are here to sell dreams where the ‘no’ cannot exist, where ‘impossible’ is not part of our vocabulary

Franck Savoy, Corporate Director of Food and Beverage, ETC Hotels

Perfection, excellence, and humility—values that Franck shares with his father—are also essential tools he applies in his work.

While Franck’s family heritage is part of his success, he confesses it is hard to have a father like Guy, since even as a child, “you want to be at the level of your father,” he says. “His work ethic, his attention to details, his role in the kitchen as well as the dining room inspire me.” Franck is encouraging his own son to find a path separate from the culinary world, but as Franck himself says, “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.”

In the tradition of his dad, Franck Savoy shows up every day with the intent to guide his staff in eclipsing the culinary innovations of the day before.

“We are here to sell dreams where the ‘no’ cannot exist, where ‘impossible’ is not part of our vocabulary,” he says. “We always figure it out.”

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