Woman seated partially in ocean waves, wearing a tied white shirt and dark pants with a serious expression. Sunlight illuminates her blonde hair and the surrounding water, creating a dramatic and serene scene. This fashion-forward moment showcases elegance amidst nature's beauty.

Style, Sun and Sand: A Beach Fashion Shoot

Images by Tim Aukshunas
Styled by Keyla Marquez

The assignment wasn’t simple: pick a diverse range of luxury brands and local designers that will showcase what beachgoers might wear this summer. And make it fabulous. Luckily for us, Keyla Marquez was up to the task.

As Fashion Director at LA Times’ IMAGE Magazine, she pulled not only the coolest in couture, but looks from some of the hottest up-and-comers in Los Angeles’ bustling fashion scene. From swimsuits to accessories, each of the looks comes together under the azure skies and against the backdrop of rolling waves at Santa Monica Beach, down the sand from the famed pier and just behind Shutters on the Beach and Hotel Casa del Mar.

We can make it luxe, but we can make it relatable.

In it you’ll see looks from legacy luxury brands like Ferragamo, Prada, Fendi and Dior alongside pieces from Dries Van Nolen, Issey Miyaki, Jacquemus and Acne Studios.

In Marquez’s vision, diversity and texture reign supreme. And through her expert curation, we witness a harmonious blend of old and new, luxury and accessibility, all against the breathtaking backdrop of the Pacific. Join us as we embark on this journey of style, where fashion meets fantasy, and the beach becomes our runway.

Read more about stylist Keyla Marquez here.

Trench belt dress by Prada – $3500
Oversize sunglasses by Burberry – $280

A fashionable woman with blonde hair wearing large sunglasses and a sleeveless beige trench coat poses confidently outdoors. The background features palm trees and a bright blue sky, suggesting a sunny day.
Two people are standing next to their bicycles on a boardwalk near the beach, showcasing casual fashion. The person on the left is wearing a sleeveless shirt and shorts, while the person on the right sports a sun visor, white shirt, and patterned swimwear. Palm trees sway gently in the background.
A person standing barefoot on a sandy beach holds a large, striped beach umbrella over their shoulder. They are dressed in a stylish, light-colored, striped outfit exuding an air of luxury. The sky is clear, and the ocean is visible in the background.

Shirt and pant by Ferragamo
Shirt – $1190, Pant – $990
Men’s GG Gucci Slides Sandal – $550

A person is wearing a light-colored, vertically striped button-up shirt and matching trousers, epitomizing fashion. The shirt is partially unbuttoned, and the individual is in motion, stepping forward with one leg and arm visible. The background remains out of focus.
A person with a high ponytail stands on the beach, carrying a large green leaf over their shoulder. They are wearing a fashionable blue top and looking downwards. The background features a blurred view of the ocean and sky.
A man and woman stroll on the beach near the ocean, exuding an air of luxury. The man sports a white sleeveless shirt and light-colored shorts, while the woman dazzles in a patterned bikini and chic sunglasses. Both are smiling and appear relaxed under a bright, clear sky with the sea in the background.

Knit Missoni bikini – $590
White pinstripe Loewe blouse – $2100
Visor, blue clear Dior J’Adior – $225

A woman on the beach, wearing a fashionable colorful bikini, a light-colored open shirt, and a dark visor, holds a vintage camera up to her face as if taking a photo. The beach and sky are visible in the background, with a slight breeze ruffling her hair.

Dries Van Noten Tank – $520
Versace Chino shorts – $1125
Tory Burch bikini

Acne Studios Simon Fluid Horse Viscose Short- $550
Prada Re-Nylon Bermuda Shorts – $1200

Mesh snap skirt by Issey Miyaki
Knit Bralette by Jacquemus – $240

A woman stands under a pier at a beach, holding a large leaf over her shoulder. She wears a blue bralette and a colorful skirt with intricate patterns and button detailing, showcasing her unique fashion sense. Waves gently lap the shore in the background.
A person with braided hair sits in a red chair on a sandy beach, exuding effortless fashion. They are wearing a white sleeveless shirt, light-colored shorts, and sandals. The beach and ocean are visible in the background under a clear sky.
A woman stands on a beach under a pier, holding a large green leaf over her shoulder. She's wearing a fashion-forward blue bikini top and a colorful skirt with shades of orange and green. Her hair is tied back as the water gently laps at her feet, while the sun casts a warm glow.
A man with short dreadlocks is wearing a fashionable patterned button-down shirt. He stands outdoors with water and a distant shoreline in the background, looking slightly to his right with a contemplative expression.

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